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Mind Matters #5: Troy.S


This episode was recorded last year but due to Troy moving countries and his work commitments, it has taken until now to get this ready to share, this is why it is out of numerical order, for those that are wondering. It is a mesmerising conversation that could have gone on far longer than it did, so perhaps it’s one to revisit and discover more in the future.

Troy talks about his childhood in Africa, boarding school in England, his dreams of becoming a windsurfing professional and how he lost his focus which led to him joining the Army. Troy served in both the UK and South African military and after this worked as a long distance lorry driver which opened up and opportunity to work in Formula 1. After this he went in to surveillance and with private security companies in Iraq and Afghanistan among some of the places he worked in. Troy talks about his struggles with his own mental health, how he coped for as long as he did, what worked for him and how his boarding school years prepared him for military life and how important it is to remain open to opportunities and explore as many as possible as part of really living life. It is a conversation that covers a huge amount of ground with some really interesting insights.

Thank you Troy as always my friend.

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