New Research into Nicotine Withdrawal


The article below raises a number of points that support my Break Free from Smoking Programme.

This highlights how important it is for smokers to be fully committed and fully prepared to stop smoking and choose to do something else instead before they make the break from smoking.

Clear, precise goals are crucial in this process and will hugely increase the smokers ability to succeed in breaking the old relationship to smoking and creating a new one where they do not feel that smoking fits anymore and choose to do something else. When willpower is deemed to be the way forwards, success is reduced because there is still an emotional attachment to cigarettes.

Breaking this attachment and emotional connection to cigarettes, breaks the relationship and allows smokers to make better choices that can develop a more positive, healthy and beneficial relationship with some other activity.

It is an interesting read.

Published by

Simon Maryan

I am the creator of the Brain2Body System and researching and experimenting with the potential of the human mind and body, how they become disconnected and how to reconnect them for positive, lasting change.

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