Internal Conflict Between Minds



There are times in our lives when we know that something isn’t quite right inside our minds yet we can’t necessarily put a finger on exactly what it is. You just know that there is some kind of internal conflict going on and it feels crap.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms below then take some time for yourself to just sit back and allow your mind to drift to where it wants to go, even if it feels uncomfortable to do this, just go with it. Allow what ever images come to mind, whatever sounds, voices to play in your mind and let any feelings, emotions and physical sensations to play out.

Giving yourself permission to let all this happen will create the potential environment for self healing and you may not be any the wiser at the end of it, you may just feel better and happier for it and this is ok too. The main thing is to let your mind and body resolve and rid themselves of this negative energy and rebalance themselves.

Of course you can also find a friend or family member to talk things through with you or seek a therapist of some sort to help you out.

Which ever option you choose, make sure that you choose one and take the time to be kind to yourself and resolve what’s going on, you deserve it.


1. The same themes and patterns (which are usually self-defeating) keep reappearing, or repeating themselves.

2. Unresolved issues and heartache from your past, are stopping you from living and enjoying your life now. These are triggered more frequently and easily today.

3. You have trouble coping with powerful emotions – like overwhelming anger or excessive crying.

4. You feel anxious, restless and dissatisfied, and feel as if something needs to change in your life.

5. You feel dazed or shocked by something that has happened, and can’t pick up the pieces and “be normal” again.

6. You keep pushing down your feelings, and denying your emotions, but they keep resurfacing – and just won’t go away.

7. You make superficial changes as you’re scared of digging deeper. – but that doesn’t work for long as the real problem’s still there.

8. You can’t let go of something that meant a lot to you – a disappointment, or a failure, or a past relationship.

Here’s to feeling good.

Simon 🙂

Published by

Simon Maryan

Former Royal Marine and Human Intelligence Specialist. Now an international speaker, author, trainer and coach sharing lessons from a life of action and how to prepare for and overcome trauma and other stressful situations. I've survived 3 kidnapping & all my experience enabled me to develop extremely strong psychological and mental resilience which I share with people through my speaking engagements delivering a variety of Keynote, motivational and inspirational talks for a wide variety of clients internationally. Some of these include UK Military, FBI, New York Police Department, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team (the home of Hostage Negotiation), oil and gas companies, banks and UK Government departments.

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