How Can Walking Change Your Mind?


You may have heard this many times before in your life “every single decision you are making right now, creates the future you will have”. And it is so true.

Every decision you make right now is absolutely affected by your current state of mind, the problem is we all have times when we are just in a crap mood such as frustrated or unhappy.

I coach my clients on how to change these “moods” and use that energy in a positive and constructive way and one of the best ways to do that is to move your body, change your posture and change your thoughts. One of the easiest ways to change your mood is to go for a walk outside in the fresh air, preferably in a park or in the countryside. Walking in the fresh air is mind clearing, there is something about nature that gives us some kind of unseen boost to lift our mood and change our state of mind, which changes the way we think and perceive what’s going on

When I walk I pay more attention to what is happening now and less attention to any concerns I might be carrying around in my mind. I practice this virtually every day and it rarely fails to help me make more inspired decisions from moment to moment all day long. I know without a doubt, that this daily practice helps me reach my goals and visions faster and easier. Try it out for size and let me know your experience.

And when you are serious about realising your goals and visions get i touch with me via my book a session page and find out how you can get a no charge strategy session to discover how I can help you reach your goals.

Published by

Simon Maryan

Former Royal Marine and Human Intelligence Specialist. Now an international speaker, author, trainer and coach sharing lessons from a life of action and how to prepare for and overcome trauma and other stressful situations. I've survived 3 kidnapping & all my experience enabled me to develop extremely strong psychological and mental resilience which I share with people through my speaking engagements delivering a variety of Keynote, motivational and inspirational talks for a wide variety of clients internationally. Some of these include UK Military, FBI, New York Police Department, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team (the home of Hostage Negotiation), oil and gas companies, banks and UK Government departments.

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