The Most Up to Date Online Nutrition Service

I wanted to introduce you to a new online nutrition service that takes the hard work out of figuring out what to eat, how much and is it any good for me. This includes calculating your protein, carbs, fat content and total calories for each meal. There are also a load of other extras included to help you along the way and below are some screen shots to give you an idea of what it gives you.

The first page shows your Dashboard and tabs for Meal Planner, which allows you to create meals for the day, week, month, a huge library of meals all with break down of nutrients, shopping list and recipe instructions all printable in pdf, there is a how to guide to help you make best use of the system.

Slightly further down the screenshot you have Create Pack, which allows you to select meals that you want for breakfast, lunch and dinner including snacks and drinks, a link to the latest recipes, a load of delicious smoothies and treats and snacks. Again all these have their nutritional content broken down and with recipe instructions and a shopping list.


This screenshot shows you links to additional resources that a allow you to keep a food diary of you want to track what your eating and then tailor it, a lifestyle questionnaire to help you get an insight into what you are currently doing and where you can then make some changes. This ties in with your goals and preferences because these will be the changes you want to make and you can record them all and monitor your progress. Lastly the exercise questionnaire is about your exercise history.


This last screen has some really cool tools for you to use that allow you to be really specific if you want to be, so you can work out your

daily calorie requirements for your body and your daily exertion level, your basal metabolic rate (how much energy you burn in 24 hrs doing nothing) this is the minimum amount of calories your body requires for you to function normally at rest, a quick calorie counter to keep you on track and finally RMR helps you calculate the calories you need for a day or a week so that you can then plan your meals from the library for 1 or 7 days and know that what you are eating is exactly right for you to either maintain or lose fat.


All in all it is a hugely powerful system that does all the hard work for you and caters for a variety of different nutritional preferences. It is constantly updated with new, additional recipes so the library is ever growing and there are plans to add more nutritional information by breaking it down even further for you.

All you need to do is click on the link below, there is an intro video for yo and you can then choose to sign up to this outstanding service, and when you do you will need this magic code to ensure that you get access to some bonus material when you do.

The Magic Code is: simonb2b

Go check it out and please leave some feedback here when you are finished so that I can pass it onto the owner and developers.

Simon 🙂


I am confident you will be massively impressed when you take a look, so much so that I am offering a free coaching session on Skype once you’ve signed up to help you make the most of it and help you achieve your goals.

Published by

Simon Maryan

Former Royal Marine and Human Intelligence Specialist. Now an international speaker, author, trainer and coach sharing lessons from a life of action and how to prepare for and overcome trauma and other stressful situations. I've survived 3 kidnapping & all my experience enabled me to develop extremely strong psychological and mental resilience which I share with people through my speaking engagements delivering a variety of Keynote, motivational and inspirational talks for a wide variety of clients internationally. Some of these include UK Military, FBI, New York Police Department, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team (the home of Hostage Negotiation), oil and gas companies, banks and UK Government departments.

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