Johari For Personal Change


  1. The public area contains things that are openly known and talked about – and which may be seen as strengths or weaknesses. This is the self that we choose to share with others – what is yours and are you selling yourself short by not sharing some other aspects of yourself, or, are you overdoing it and need to reign some aspect in?
  2. The hidden area contains things that others observe that we don’t know about. Again, they could be positive or negative behaviours, and will affect the way that others act towards us – do you take comments well about these parts of you that others recognise about you and you don’t. If not take some time to reflect on why you feel the way you do about those comments and how you feel about those parts of you that others comment on.
  3. The unknown area contains things that nobody knows about us – including ourselves. This may be because we’ve never exposed those areas of our personality, or because they’re buried deep in the subconscious – what do you do when you discover new things about yourself that you had not known before? Have you discovered good and bad things about yourself and how do you respond to finding out negative aspects of your behaviour?
  4. The private area contains aspects of our self that we know about and keep hidden from others – what do you keep hidden and why? What effect do you think sharing them would have on other people and what effect would sharing have on you?