Brain2Body Lifestyle Workshop


I am running my next 1 day Brain2Body Lifestyle Workshop in Aberdeen on the 4th August. This workshop builds on the principles in my book and helps to integrate and enhance your learning, understanding and implementing of the principles.

I also teach you self hypnosis and ways to change your thinking patterns and manage your emotional state to help keep you on track to achieving your goals and outcomes.

It is a fun filled day and as part of the course you will receive a hard copy of my book and a free coaching session on top.

For more details and to book a place, they are limited for each session to ensure I can provide as much 1-2-1 time as possible, email me on:

Have an awesome day

Simon 🙂

Working to Loosen the Grip of Severe Mental Illness

A neuroscientist at Rutgers University-Newark says the human brain operates much the same whether active or at rest – a finding that could provide a better understanding of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other serious mental health conditions that afflict an estimated 13.6 million Americans.

In newly published research in the journal Neuron, Michael Cole, an assistant professor at the Center for Molecular and Behavioural Neuroscience, determined that the underlying brain architecture of a person at rest is basically the same as that of a person performing a variety of tasks.

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More Learning and Exciting Times Ahead

2013-10-08 06.58.45

I’ve had a bit of time away from my blog recently while I have been busy working on a few things behind the scenes, which has included some advanced language training with an incredible teacher, Christina Hall Ph.D. and a brilliant group of people.

I have always loved language and the more I learn how to understand it and use it effectively, the more amazed I am at how much I have missed over the years in what I have said and what others have said to me.

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