More Learning and Exciting Times Ahead

2013-10-08 06.58.45

I’ve had a bit of time away from my blog recently while I have been busy working on a few things behind the scenes, which has included some advanced language training with an incredible teacher, Christina Hall Ph.D. and a brilliant group of people.

I have always loved language and the more I learn how to understand it and use it effectively, the more amazed I am at how much I have missed over the years in what I have said and what others have said to me.

The words we use are so much more powerful and impactful than most of us realise, particularly when you look into the detail and the underlying structure behind our words and the sentences we create. When we understand what to look for, we are able to read the little clues in the surface structure that enable us to unlock the door into the Aladdin’s Cave where the deep structure lies and this is where the magic is.

The surface structure is full of deletions and generalisations that make communication shorter and simpler, which in itself is incredible, yet the trail of bread crumbs gives us a VIP All Access Areas pass behind the scenes to see and understand what is really going on, when we know where to look.

This advanced training has taken my level of understanding and ability to a much, much deeper level and I know it will help my clients too, as I am now even more capable of understanding where they are at right now and how to help them see themselves and their situation from a new perspective.

To say I am excited is just a tiny understatement 😉

I am looking forward to working with my clients this week and applying my own learnings in every area of my life.

Here’s to a fantastic week.

Simon 🙂

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Simon Maryan

I am the creator of the Brain2Body System and researching and experimenting with the potential of the human mind and body, how they become disconnected and how to reconnect them for positive, lasting change.

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