Using Framing in Your Learning

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How Do You Feel About Learning?

Here is an idea for for you for getting better results from your practice sessions. This works with any skills development and is very often missed and is something that I apply in all my training courses to allow people to learn more and faster than they have before.

I recently noticed this, how I feel, when learning to practicing guitar. When I was practicing I felt great about the bits I can play and got really frustrated with the bits I can’t get my fingers round.

The more I practice the difficult bits out of context the more I build my frustration and negative emotional states into that piece. So even when I could play that bit I was finding difficult, I still felt very different about it than the bit before and the bit afterwards. This is called ‘State Dependant Memory, Learning and Behaviour’ – SDMLB for short. This resulted in that section I found difficult to play would now sound different from the rest of the piece when put back in to context, because I felt different when playing it and it came out in the sound.

So this article is about about how to achieve accelerated learning with your hypnotic language and persuasion skills.

How About Learning Hypnotic Language Patterns?

I have found while teaching people to learn hypnotic language patterns, they go through a very similar experience. Because they are so focused on getting the pattern “right”, they treat it differently from the rest of the conversation. What this does result in is m never coming across as being natural and fluent using language patterns because they never properly become part of the conversation. They are always outside the context.

So What’s The Solution?

The important thing is to get into the right emotional state and keep a firm hold of that. When I was a kid and first began learning Aikido I had one sensei who set the perfect frame for learning. He would set up exercises where we would have to spar and at the same time maintain eye contact and keep smiling at each other. I can tell you that this puts a completely different spin on a fight.

He would also send us into peripheral vision and use a flow state. This naturally made us feel calm, relaxed and emotionally detached. Yet again this is a very different state to be in when fighting.

What Does Failure Mean To You?

A few other things I do when learning any new skill is to make sure before I begin, that I reframe failure into something good, fun or at least useful.

The idea of learning a new skill means that you are not yet good at that skill and that means accepting that you will fail at using it at times. Being willing to accept that and use it as a celebration of the fact that at least you are using the new skill, finding where your limits are and even devising your own new exercises to develop that skill? If you are, then this is a fantastic way of rapidly enhancing your progress.

There is a Buddhist saying that everything in life is a lesson or a test. Imagine if you really lived by that concept. It would mean that you would see progress in everything you did whether you succeed or not. That is an awesome frame to put around life in general and imagine how fantastic your results will be after applying that frame from now onwards?

The reality is that you probably don’t do that over every area of your life and the more you do the more you gain. Here is a concept I like using when I am learning.

Every time I use a skill, in an oversimplified way I will either succeed or fail. Both sides of the equation are equally important, because, when you succeed you need to look at what were the key elements in creating that success and how can you install that into your unconscious so that the new skill “gets in the muscle”. You also need to look at what is your next stretch to ensure you continue to develop.

If you didn’t succeed you will need to look at what you can do differently next time, as well as what other lessons and exercises you can take from this that will help you succeed the next time.

Now I know that none of that sounds particularly special. But what if you took that, developed it as a hypnotic model and then installed it into your way of thinking. How differently do you think you will do things and how much more will you learn and how much faster will you learn these new skills as you practice over the days, weeks and months ahead?

Published by

Simon Maryan

Former Royal Marine and Human Intelligence Specialist. Now an international speaker, author, trainer and coach sharing lessons from a life of action and how to prepare for and overcome trauma and other stressful situations. I've survived 3 kidnapping & all my experience enabled me to develop extremely strong psychological and mental resilience which I share with people through my speaking engagements delivering a variety of Keynote, motivational and inspirational talks for a wide variety of clients internationally. Some of these include UK Military, FBI, New York Police Department, NYPD Hostage Negotiation Team (the home of Hostage Negotiation), oil and gas companies, banks and UK Government departments.

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