Finland asthma scheme…The Finns are so forward thinking that they brought community pharmacy in from the cold!

I have Colette Datt to thank for pointing me towards this piece of work, and indeed the ongoing asthma story in Finland. I will go on to summarise some of the key findings in the Finnish asthma strategy between 1994 and 2004.

It does occur to me as I delve into this area that there are many quick wins to be had but in my opinion the most profound could be inter professional working.

I recently had a meeting with my GP colleagues around the provision of asthma care in our area. We talked around the subject and as the new comer community pharmacist to the group I made the observation that actually the care given by nurses/doctors in our locality is really very good.

The conversation progressed to the asthmatic patients that could not be reached by the surgery. Even my active, lateral thinking mind was very impressed by…

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