90 Day Lifestyle Change and Weight Management Programme

After being requested by a large number of people, I am happy to say that I am going to continue to offer the same deal right through till 30th August.

So, if you want to lose the excess weight that you have been carrying around and learn how to change your mindset and perception of yourself in the process, then drop me an email on simon@simonmaryan.com and book yourself onto the next group which starts on Monday 15th June 2015.

Here’s to your success


Simon Maryan, Speaker & Psychological Trauma Specialist


I run Lifestyle Coaching Groups both face to face and online which begin with an in-depth 90 Day program to get you on the right track. The programme works in groups of 10 and each new group does not start until the 10th person joins, so I run a waiting list to keep track of who’s in which group and start dates.

90 Day Programme includes the following:

  • Nutritional advice based on your current BMR and identifying your Macro needs based on your personal goals
  • Food diary and individual review
  • 90 days worth of 100% natural health supplements
  • Recipe guides with shopping ingredients based on your macros
  • Exercise and training advice (training is optional extra for 1 to 1)
  • Private Facebook Group for constant mutual support and additional resources Members only bonuses and discounts
  • Psychological support to overcome emotional issues and habit changing, belief change etc: 1-2-1 and group
  • Weekly planner…

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