1225 Miles

35 miles per day - 35 days

I have been in the unusual position of being kidnapped 3 times and been involved in several other events where others were kidnapped. I have also negotiated the release of hostages which gives me a unique insight into the experience from both sides of the fence.

Every day our countries uniformed services are put into harms way and they do this willingly. The support for them is often not there as fully as is needed particularly in terms of speed of access to treatment.

This leaves people at the mercy of their minds and they are essentially held hostage by their psychological and emotional state, and when they do not have the tools to help themselves while they wait for treatment, this can be a very slippery slope.

This challenge is my way of raising money to fund charities that I know and work with who do provide really fast access to practical support and psychological treatment. I don’t believe that people who put themselves on the line everyday to protect and keep us safe should be left unaided in their hour of need

This Endurance Challenge will run officially from 8th April- 12th May 2021

I aim to raise a minimum of £350k for Icarus and the charities that Icarus works closely with regularly, these are:
  • The Veterans Foundation
  • The Veterans Charity
  • Helping Homeless Veterans-UK
  • Help a Squaddie

I want this to be as inclusive as possible for all abilities so there are a variety of ways you can take part.

35 miles a day for 35 days - solo
35 miles a day for 35 days - relay team e.g. 7 person team, 5 miles each
3.5 miles a day for 35 days - good for families and younger kids etc
3.5 km a day for 35 days - good for families and younger kids etc

This can be completed on foot or bike, whatever your preference and capability

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