The Consequences of Unregulated Emotions.

Unregulated emotions can have significant consequences on our relationships with family, friends, colleagues, employers, and clients. When our emotions are unregulated, they can often manifest in extreme or uncontrolled ways, leading to negative outcomes and strained connections. Let’s explore some of the consequences of unregulated emotions and how they can impact our relationships: To mitigate …

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Preventative Mental Health Programs in the Workplace

Abstract: This short summary paper explores the significance of implementing preventative mental health programs in the workplace. It discusses the efficacy of these programs, their return on investment, the practicalities involved, and the most effective measures for fostering mental well-being among employees. The paper underscores the need for organisations to prioritise mental health in order …

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Mind Matters #15: Drew McAdam

Drew McAdam is a Mentalist /’men-ta-list/ noun. Someone skilled in non-verbal communication, who uses mental acuity, observation and suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour. Drew McAdam, “Scotland’s foremost mind reader” according to the BBC, has entertained and baffled representatives from almost every major commercial company you can think of. He has also demonstrated his …

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