First Delivery of My New Book

It’s exciting when you reach the point of achieving a long held ambition to write a book that can help more people than you could ever possibly reach on your own.

Today is that day as I received the first delivery of my book and to hold that book in my hand is hugely satisfying. I am a huge fan of ebooks, but there is nothing quite like feeling the weight of the book in your hands and physically turning the pages with your fingers. That is a sensation that takes me back to happy days in my childhood, sat high up in a huge Beech or Oak tree, or heading out into the jungle at the back of the small estate I lived in in Brunei when I was back from boarding school and reading a book all day.

It has always been my intention to help as many people as I possibly can to overcome trauma and mental illness and rebuild their mental fitness and health by enabling them to regain control of their minds. Emotional and Psychological Resilience is the foundation of this and is a never ending process.

We are all constantly redefining our own excellence and that is part of the fun of life, we have the capabilities and the opportunities to do this every single day of our lives, when we choose to be open to these opportunities or working to create them. There are times when we forget, we wallow in our own misery and blame everyone and everything else for our current state, yet we have control of it because it is within ourselves to change our internal state of mind and body.

The Immediate Care Process is a way to do just that and if you do read it, I truly want you to be the very best version of yourself and if this helps just one person do that for themselves, then I am a happy man.

There is more to come in developments of The Immediate Care Process in terms of videos and Q&A sessions for people who have read the book and/or done the training. Sharing experiences and having discussions about those experiences and asking questions is how we can all learn to continue our heroic adventure to constantly redefine our own excellence.

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