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Mind Matters #13: Ric Coulson

In this episode I chat with Ric Coulson, former Royal Marine, who talks extremely bluntly, honestly and openly about his struggles with his mental health. Ric’s struggles are from the end of his military career, during transition into civvy street up to the present. We dive into Emotional & Psychological Resilience. suicide, PTSD, loss of identity and redefining yourself. This leads on to the struggles this creates both internally and externally as well as the additional challenges that transitioning from military to civilian life presents.

An important and sensitive topic discussed is the need to update and improve mental health services in the UK. There is too long a wait to get treatment, typically years in many cases. There is not enough support for crisis intervention or after care which leaves people floundering before and after treatment. An unacceptable situation no matter which way you look at a it.

Ric explains how much harder it has been to keep on top of his mental health since leaving the Royal Marines. Ric opens up about the moment he was rescued and revived from hanging himself. What is astonishing is his resilience and how he now uses his creative talent in his business The Conflict Poppy Collection as his release. Interestingly he can only be creative when he is feeling emotional and this is his way of dealing with that and producing what he does, which is stunning.

This is an eye opening conversation in many ways and may be upsetting for some as Ric does speak plainly and from the heart. If you haven’t seen Ric’s work then please check out his website and Facebook page.

Ric donates a percentage of his income to his customers preferred charity as he is extremely passionate about giving back.

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