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Mind Matters Podcast #8: Brad Bourner

In this episode I talk with Brad Bourner, former Royal Marine sniper team leader in Afghanistan. We discuss life before, during and after the military, the challenges of transition from military to civvy life and the pressures that brings.

It is a very open and honest conversation from Brad around his struggles with his mental health, why it declined, how he worked through it and overcame it. He shares the lessons he has learned from all these experiences and gives some great advice for anyone going through similar issues in their life right now.

Brad runs his own business, Professional Sporting Solutions where he teaches precision rifle shooting. Brad works in the wildlife management industry where he continues to apply his marksmanship expertise, among many others.

If you would like to learn precision rifle skills from a man who has applied his skills in combat and in the real world in wildlife management then get in touch with Brad through his website www.prosportingsolutions.com

You will also find him on Facebook and Instagram under ProSportingSolutions

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