Blog Post - New Training Courses Online - 18.04.2025

New Courses Available

It’s a strange experience converting a course you have delivered live in person to then deliver via Zoom, which has many challenges, and to be honest it’s not my favourite way to deliver training, in person is so much better.

It is odder still in many ways and exciting to transform it into an online course where people can access it any time from anywhere in the world. The benefits for this style of delivery are huge, particularly financially with no travel, accommodation and food costs to worry about. I really enjoy online learning personally, because the money I save on the travel etc means I can afford more training and better quality.

So to be able to offer four courses online is amazing and an exciting opportunity to expand my reach and teach people far further afield than is easily achievable ordinarily. My aim with initially developing the Immediate Care Process was to help as many people as possible and this was limited with live in-person training and still limited via Zoom. I am currently taking several people through the Trainers Training programme which again will extend the reach and have a significant influence on my aim to help people.

This next phase with online courses takes it to an entirely new level, and despite the lack of my physical presence, the Professional Immediate Care Process course online is hard work and I think this course is harder than the live training in some ways. There are end of module assessments with an 80% pass rate. There are assignments for each of the techniques that need to be completed, submitted, reviewed and signed off before progressing to the next Module. There is still the requirement for 3 case studies to be submitted and these also need to be reviewed, before being signed off.

I take my responsibility for training people in these skills very seriously because our clients/patients deserve to be taken care of by people who are compassionate, well trained and confident in their abilities, they need to feel safe and if this training was not thorough then I would not be doing my job.

Below the Professional ICP course is the ICP Short Course which teaches the three self-regulation tools with basic theory for personal use.

There is a shorter course still that teaches the first self-regulation tool, the Negative Thought Pattern Interrupt. I took this as a standalone short course because this is such a simple yet powerful technique that everyone can benefit from right now. For many the world is becoming an increasingly unpredictable place and ever more stressful, which can lead our minds to run riot, letting the chimps in our heads trash the place. This technique interrupts all that and brings back control of our mind, quietening things down so we can think sensibly again rather than through a negative filter. And it is so easy to learn and use, as you will find out.

As an intro to to the world of Emotional and Psychological Resilience, I offer a free short course on the Physical and Psychological Effects of Stress and Fatigue, even thought it is free and short, it is jam packed with information that will be an eyeopener for some and confirmation for others, whichever one you are, I hope it is useful, helpful and informative.

So for now, the link to the course library page is below, take a look and check out the content for each course so you can make an informed decision for which course is the right one for you right now. And, if you would like to discuss which is right for you then please email to book a free 30 min discovery call.

In the meantime, take care and be well.

Simon Lee Maryan

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