Thanks for coming to my Sign Up page, you’ve just made an awesome choice in investing in yourself in whatever way you decide to do that. So often we spend time, effort and money keeping our cars, homes and other material possessions in tip top condition only to neglect ourselves and then wonder why we break down.

You are clearly not one of those people!!

You can get regular updates from me by clicking the follow button on the left of the page, just to the left of the Who’s Awesome image above, all I need is your name and email address and then that’s you officially joined the club.

Below are several options for you to choose from, the first is a gift from me to you, it is my methodology for deciding on and creating the outcomes I want from the goals I set myself, the second is a link to my latest online course, Life Design which is all about helping you discover your true purpose in life and how to live it. The third link is a look at my Lifestyle, Nutrition and Exercise Coaching Programme and the 4th option offers a look at different packages that will help you to create the kinds of changes you want to create for yourself in order for you to achieve your aim.

  1.  How To Set Effective Goals That Set You Up for Success  – Free Gift
  2. Life Design Online Course  – Online Coaching Self Course (first 3 lessons free)
  3.  Lifestyle, Nutrition and Exercise Programme
  4. Skype & Face to Face Coaching

I’d love for you to follow my blog and receive email updates when I post something new and I am always eager for comments, feedback and ideas.

Thanks again for taking the time to sign up, which you can do really quickly and easily by clicking the follow button on the left of the page and I look forward to reading your thoughts soon.

Best wishes.


One thought on “Sign Up and Join the Club

  1. Stumbled upon you on Facebook just there – you’d posted about some biased research funded by coca cola and a friend commented on it.
    I’m interested in buying a copy of your book and generally learning more on the psychology of weight loss.


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