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Simon Lee Maryan Podcast – Mind Matters #14: Peter Lant

In this episode of the Simon Lee Maryan Podcast, Mind Matters, I talk with Peter Lant who is a personal trainer based in Bath and runs outdoor training focusing mainly on men over 40. In this podcast we discuss his early life and the issues this caused and that he ultimately had to deal with in more recent times when his life came to a boiling point. He talks about his career choice prior to becoming a personal trainer and the catalyst for this change. How he dealt with the impact of this and the effect it has had on his life since will resonate with many of you. He also talks about marriage, divorce and finding love again, even when he didn’t think he would.

It is a fascinating story, an emotional rollercoaster and one many will be able to relate to and there are many laughs throughout this conversation as well as some deeper moments. Peter is also one of three hosts of the podcast Health Oddity which you can find on Apple Podcasts.

You can find out more about Peter’s work via his links below but you will find out even more about Peter by listening to his story.

You can find Peter on:

Facebook: @PLTrainingPhilosophy

Instagram: @pl_training_philosophy

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