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SLM Podcast Episode 5: Ash Brice

In episode 5 I chat with Ash Brice and we talk about his life and career. We go into a serious incident he was involved in and how that affected him physically, psychologically and emotionally. He also explains how it changed the course of his career and how that led him to where he is now. It is a deep conversation in places, it is also fun and light-hearted at points. Ash also shares some of his life lessons that will undoubtedly be useful for many who watch this.

A UK Military veteran of 10 years with the Royal Military Police, serving in active operational environments including Northern Ireland and Kosovo, conducting investigative, intelligence and engagement activities.

After leaving HM Forces, Ashley joined the UK Police Service and since 2000 has gained a wealth of experience in varied covert units, including surveillance, informant handling and in the last decade of service specialised as a hostage and crisis negotiator. Possessing strong communication and interpersonal skills, Ashley has a wealth of experience was the lead negotiator for a highly specialised team. As a former member of the National Negotiator Training Sub-Group he was heavily involved in the development and enhancement of negotiation methods and tactics for UK Policing.

As an active and accomplished negotiator, course instructor and director on national negotiator courses, Ashley is highly qualified and experienced in his chosen field, having an expert knowledge of kidnap & ransom / extortion incidents, Ashley is also a qualified and skilled Counter Terrorist Negotiator, working with specialist firearms teams and the UK Special Forces.

Since 2019, Ashley has been a keynote speaker on business management courses at various Universities, including Oxford, UCL, Peking, Madison Wisconsin and Chapel Hill North Carolina, where he provides training and insights on negotiation methods, Active Listening Skills, enhanced / advanced communication methods, perception and the art of influence.

Now a Director of Brice Brookes Resolutions Ltd, Ashley provides expert tuition in enhanced communications methods, rapport building and creating elite level performance in teams at all levels.

Signal – BizHub 26th January 2024: Knife Edge Negotiations – Influencing and persuading under pressure. Navigating delicate situations with precision. Focussing on active listening skills, tactical empathy and finding win-win solutions through building rapport.

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