Sports Coaching

Master Your Inner Game 

Regardless of your motivation to train and stay fit and healthy, whether it is purely because you like to stay fit and strong or if you’re competing in any sport either at an amateur or professional level, training and competing is very much a mental game as well as being physical, and the mental aspect of the game is much more often the cause of a dip in performance than anything else.

Some athletes seek help from a sport psychologist/sports coach or other exercise and sport psychology professional when they have a problem. They might become anxious or lose focus during competition or they might have trouble communicating, controlling their temper or even just motivating themselves to exercise and stay in shape to play at their best. Or they might choke at key moments during a game.

Sport psychologists/Sports Coach can also help athletes:
Enhance performance
Cope with the pressures of competition
Recover from injuries
Keep up an exercise program
Enjoy other sports

Sports psychology can even help people off the playing field. The same strategies that sport psychologists teach athletes; relaxation techniques, mental rehearsals and cognitive restructuring, for example, are also useful in the workplace and other settings.
My name is Simon Maryan and I am a Mind-Body Coach based in Aberdeenshire. I am an ex-Royal Marine and very familiar with high pressure, high stress environments. I have taken my many years of experience in these types of environments and applied them to the mental aspect of training and sport, helping athletes from a wide variety of sports gain control over the minds and their emotions that affect their performance while training, playing and competing.

My clients vary across a wide range of sports and abilities and I have found that taking a more rounded approach, and looking at nutrition as well as the mental and physical aspects of training and competing, gives you the opportunity to look in detail at how your nutrition and training is affecting your mindset and general health. This works in several ways  and we discover together what you need to prioritise first in order to get back on track with your training, competing and overall lifestyle.

When you gain control of your own mind, your body will naturally follow, and this is why I created the Brain2Body System to take advantage of this natural progression.

To discuss how I can help you with your mental preparation and game, call or email via the details below.

T: 07775 092526


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