Limiting Beliefs

10 Top Tips to Rise Above the Storm

“Rise Above the Storm: 10 Empowering Tips to Skyrocket Your Emotional and Psychological Resilience” Emotional and psychological resilience play a crucial role in our ability to navigate life’s challenges and setbacks. Building resilience is like developing a muscle that allows us to bounce back stronger when faced with adversity. In this article, we will explore …

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Mind Matters #15: Drew McAdam

Drew McAdam is a Mentalist /’men-ta-list/ noun. Someone skilled in non-verbal communication, who uses mental acuity, observation and suggestion. A master manipulator of thoughts and behaviour. Drew McAdam, “Scotland’s foremost mind reader” according to the BBC, has entertained and baffled representatives from almost every major commercial company you can think of. He has also demonstrated his …

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