E.on contracted Simon Maryan from HCT for 2 separate drilling projects in the UK to provide behavioural coaching, cultural assessments and to provide workshops, deliver presentations and training as required. Simon worked effectively at all levels from OIM downwards and built a good working relationship with the E.on team and the drilling contractors crew. This enabled Simon to deliver formal and informal coaching as well as one to one and group training offshore.

Simon and HCT had a highly positive effect on the overall safety performance of the project and helped E.on to pilot and test an E.on designed Safety Performance Assessment Tool, built by E.on’s UK HSE Manager, which proved to be extremely effective in benchmarking and monitoring safety performance through daily monitoring and identifying trends quickly. Simon also conducted gap analysis assessments and made recommendations for areas of coaching/training to be delivered to personnel in Algeria.  I can highly recommend Simon for his ability to identify gaps and deliver the right training and coaching at the right time and to tailor it to fit the environment and the people.

Jim Sugden UK HSE Manager