SLM Process

The Online Course

The newly upgraded online course is ready, raring and available. It has been a long time from beginning the development of the process in 2007 to teaching it for the last 5 years, publishing the book a year ago and now to offer this new, self-paced online version.  The SLM Process is designed for professional coaches and therapists and is an excellent plug and play mental health system that will enhance any corporate mental health programme.


 To have a look at the course contents and to get yourself started click on the big button at the bottom of the page.

The link goes to the page that shows all four of my courses:

Effects of Stress – Free

Negative Thought Pattern Interrupt – $97

Immediate Care Process: Short Course – $197

SLM Process –  $1,297 






What you’ll get:

  • Detailed, actionable, life-changing skills in influencing behavioural change in coaching and therapy
  • The entire formula you can tailor to YOU to bring this superpower to bear in your life
  • Training you will never see anywhere else from the world-leading expert in his field

If you’re a coach and/or therapist and you’ve been looking for a change, one that brings two distinct yet complimentary skillsets together that enable you to help more people and increase you’re client base then you will likely be interested.

You’ve now come across an advanced course, teaching simple, powerful and highly effective tools in influencing and authority in behavioural change in coaching and therapy.

Regardless where you are in life, this course will absolutely deliver immeasurable skills that will leverage your behaviour and that of your clients/patients in ways you never imagined.

This is the tipping point you’ve been looking for.

After 15 years of research, Simon Lee Maryan has developed the most powerful coaching and therapy system of influence of its kind.

In this course, Simon exposes how to hack the human mind and how to bring its power to bear on your daily interactions to create the outcomes you have always wanted in your life and that of your patients/clients.

The definitive process to gaining, leveraging, and keeping the most powerful determining factor in personal influence as a coach and/or therapist.


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