I offer off the shelf and bespoke courses depending on needs

My first book was written to help people who have struggled to get their brains in gear in order to get their body and life in gear, so I wrote Brain2Body: Lifestyle, Nutrition & Exercise Manual.

It is currently only available as an E-book but the 2nd version will be printed when it is complete.

I have two new book ideas in the making at the moment and aim to have at least one of them published next year.

The Immediate Care Process

Immediate Care Process is an amalgamation of several fields of Psychology (sport, cognitive, behavioural), Hypnosis, Neuroscience, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistics. This creates a deeper understanding of how our minds work, how we decide on what’s important for us, what’s a threat, whats stressful and what we decide to do with that information.

Providing a framework for psychological health treatment similar to that of a physical injury or illness, Psychological First Aid seeks to categorize signs and symptoms of psychological illness into three levels – mild, moderate, and severe – the same way we do with physical injuries when seeking medical first aid. Using the concept of the mind-body connection, this book provides integrative, adaptive techniques that are effective in the reduction of signs and symptoms of psychological illness.

Brain 2 Body

This book is a manual to help you understand how to use your brain to change the way you think about yourself; your body and mind, and how to use the most powerful asset you have, your brain.

When you learn how to change your thoughts and your internal images of yourself, you can learn how to create the kind of changes you have only dreamed of in your life. This book will enable you to create the lifestyle, mindset and body that you have always wanted

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