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Hi I’m Simon Maryan, I’m a mentalist, psychologist, author and speaker and run my Mind-Body Coaching business based in Aberdeenshire, UK, offering coaching, psychological change as well as physical and nutritional coaching.  I also run training courses in NLP, Hypnosis, Hypnotherapy and Coaching as well as a variety of other soft skills courses.

In my clinic I work in a way that utilisies various treatment options that gives choice to my clients as well as me. My philosophy is to treat people as individuals, not as a label or cluster of symptoms and help them discover new ways to percieve themselves, what’s going on in their life and empower them to uncover ways, with my help, to deal with their symptoms and resolve the issues that have and are causing them problems.

I take advantage of a great peer network and when appropriate for my clients, I will refer them to someone who has the expertise that they need that I can not provide. My clients interest and wellfare are at the heart of my practice.

My main focus is working with veterans and serving military personnel in dealing with trauma, Post Traumatic Stress and the various associated symptoms and conditions. This invlovles working with certain military charities in the UK. Having suffered with PTSD myself, and now working as a psychological therapist, I am in a great position to help others struggling with it, because I have been in combat, been injured, been messed up physically, mentally and emotionally and I found it hard to relate to someone who was trying to help me who had not had the same/similar experiences that I’d had. I have worked with a huge number of serving and ex-military and had great results because I know exactly what they are going through.

The main part of my work with veterans is running a not-for profit organisation with my friend and colleague David Bellamy, a former British Army Officer. We run this organisation called ICARUS Online, ICARUS is an acronym standing for:

ICARUS Onliine FB Cover

We provide a free phone line number (0800 689 0864) and then engage with the immediate care of people through online video calls to enable much faster access to psychological treatment than going through the medical system. We have protocols in place ensure the safety of clients, to assess and with permission access medical records via their doctor. This has proven to be a much needed innovative approach to treatment for serving personnel as well as veterans throughout the UK.

In amongst everything else I do, I am constantly researching and experimenting with new ideas around the plasticity of the human brain, human behaviour, how to change it and how we can use our brains to influence change within ourselves to improve our own health and well being.

I also have had a lifelong passion for sport, exercise and nutrition and love finding new ways to keep my short attention span focused, motivated and interested as well as for my clients. In 2013 I wrote a book to help people that have been caught in the Yo-Yo diet trap and have or continue to have issues with emotional eating whether that is binge eating or under eating. There are so many people out there who are caught up in this vicious cycle and I see them regularly for hypnotherapy for weight loss, weight gain and to help them shift their perception of themselves and create a realistic perception of themselves that they are happy and comfortable with. So my book is a step by step guide to rewiring your mind so that you can reveal the real you trapped inside. My book is called Brain2Body: Lifestyle, Nutrition & Exercise Manual and can be found on Amazon when you click on the book title above.

I post videos and podcasts with hints & tips and periodically offer discounts for various products and services.

If you have come to this page to book me to speak at your event or for coaching, hypnosis or to enquire about training courses, please drop me an email and we can arrange a time to speak: simon@simonmaryan.com

I hope that you find my site useful, interesting and informative and that you take something of value for yourself from it.

Best wishes

Simon Maryan

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