I offer off the shelf and bespoke courses depending on needs

The following courses are available:

The Immediate Care Process

The Immediate Care Process is an amalgamation of several fields of Psychology (sport, cognitive, behavioural), Hypnosis, Neuroscience, Psychotherapy and Neuro Linguistics. This creates a deeper understanding of how our minds work, how we decide on what’s important for us, what’s a threat, whats stressful and what we decide to do with that information. Providing a framework for psychological health treatment similar to that of a physical injury or illness, Psychological First Aid seeks to identify signs and symptoms of psychological illness and understand the processes going on inside someones mind that moment and to use these tools to provide a fast, effective intervention. Using the concept of the mind-body connection, this book provides integrative, adaptive techniques that are effective in the reduction of signs and symptoms of psychological illness including suicide intervention and prevention.

CPD Accredited course delivered over 4 days training via Zoom and in person where practical.


Diploma 4 days
Practitioner 10 days - pre-study required
Master Practitioner 14 days - pre-study required

Behavioural Coaching

Coach Practitioner 6 days
Master Coach 6 days

Soft Skills Training

Body Language Basics
Coaching & Mentoring
Conflict Resolution
Emotional Intelligence
Negotiation Skills
Train the Trainer