Life Design

For a long time I thought I was happy with my job, I was doing what I’d set to do in joining the Royal Marines. I worked with like-minded people, got paid to stay exceptionally fit, got fed four times a day and was provided with a roof over my head. The trade-off was that I… Read More

Creating the Mindset for Success

Do you want a happier and more successful life? Two people can see the same situation and come to completely different opinions about it. In fact, most people do. Our opinions affect our lives more often than most other things. Some people see their family and enjoy the good feelings and happy times they can spend with them,… Read More

Harness The Power of Your Unconscious Mind

Human beings are different from the rest of the animals on our planets in so many ways, and, one significant difference is that we have, and kind of understand, the difference between our conscious and unconscious minds. Your conscious mind helps you live a happy and healthy life. You really wouldn’t be able to survive… Read More

NLP Practitioner Course

I am  planning ahead and I wanted to let you all know that we will be running a summer 10 Day Fast Track NLP Practitioner in Aberdeen. The dates are: Part 1: 20 – 24 July Part 2: 27 – 31 July Normal price is £2,395 + VAT Early bird discount will be in three stages.… Read More

Beat Stress Naturally

Stress! You have heard about it and probably experienced it in some way, shape or form. The word stress can be associated with different things and used in many contexts. However, what is stress, really? In simple terms, stress is a type of tension, strain or pressure that is exerted on something or some object. It can also be… Read More